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A digital web studio creating stunning & engaging online experiences

Nova Creator was born out of the necessity to deliver customised software to small to medium sized companies which were unable to find decent offerings either because it was too costly, but mainly because it required them to adapt their business to new tools instead of having tools tailored to their specific needs.

Nova Creator delivers solutions that meet the high standards of our clients. The strive for simplicity and "feature-poorness" is key to the goal to build the fastest and the cleanest road to market. We do not sacrifice on quality, in fact it is our central focus point and we manage to do so due to our passion for the best and the dedication to see our customers successful in their business and in return we care last for the bottom line.

Nova Creator has customers, not hostages. We are growing with our customers and never on their shoulders.

Proudly from Romania

Cristi Manole



Our flagship services platform, integrating a plethora of microservices to orchestrate with ease e-commerce, customer relationship management, business process modeling and / or agile project management. Everything you need to Doo!

Unlimited Extensibility

Fully Customizable

Geniusly Transformable

Responsive & Agile

Beautiful Simplicity

Full Support

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Full automation solutions for your smart home and office, controllable and programmable remotely. Transforming most of your current infrastructure into a smart one, with minimal investment and full control.

Full Automation

Automating it ALL

Lights, gate/door access, switches, cameras, all (yes, all!) your existing appliances

Integrated Solution

Making Smart Fun

Turn your smart devices into genius, via a fun system that integrates all your devices

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Smartest hospitality management software, integrated with major industry players and various billing partners. Our own rental properties use our system so it's in our best interest to enhance and support the platform for the foreseeable future.


We integrate

Out of the box we offer integrations with most industry players. If you have in-house systems or any systems we do not support yet, we do the integration free of charge.


We live in

Our solution is modern and we built it from ground up on processes that make sense only. We support all the latest devices in all forms and sizes. It will all make sense to you again.


Common Sense

Our offering is tailored for small owners and also for big hotels, but our pricing per user per month will always be cheaper than your price per night, with full 24/7 support. Really.


We own-to-rent too

Our passion for building the best system for managing real-estate is because we ourselves need it. We know the pains. We know the issues. And we do have solutions.

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Other Services

We are active in the following areas as well:

Epic Mini & Games - game development on demand for mobile platforms and modern browsers, built with Unity or Unreal engines and AR. Major inhouse game in development. Stay tuned.

Spaceman - cloud hosting partner.

Crudism - largest collection of raw book content.

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Our Headquarters

Europe (Romania):
Șoseaua București - Ploiești 137
Bucharest, Romania 013686

Registered in Romania under
CIF: 24034051 | RO38641614

Phone: (+40) 721 437 497